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We Are Auroka

We are a global team experienced in Artificial Intelligence solutions with 20 years of experience, driven by the growing market need of optimizing business process management flows.

Our way of working is supported in a consistent and structured data governance strategy, to make possible a smooth local and global operation supported by digital tools and platforms.


AI powered tools

Our AI tools make possible a real-time tailored experience for internal and external stakeholders. We support organizations in their internal and external communication & engagement flows, making business processes live smoothly:

  • Reducing time to manage digital platforms – with our Automation tools; 
  • Making all your data flows live consistently through all enterprise, connect the data to its stakeholders;
  • Automating business processes to optimize your resources, saving time for your core business.

We Love Challenges

Complex problems increase our motivation. We will deep dive into your business speficiations until we find the solution you need.

We Love To Explore​

Research is our best skill. We are detail oriented and focused on problem-solving.

We Take It Step-By-Step

The step-by-step, “slowly but steadly” approach is proven to be the more efficient, so that we don’t loose any detail. As they say… “if you want to go fast, start slow.”

We Keep It Simple

The less complexity, the better. We work with very simple and transparent methods, so that all project stakeholders can follow all tasks and deliverables.

Your Dream. Our Mission.

We Believe In Hard Work And Dedication

We are goals driven, our mission is to make our customers life easier. 


Why us? 

Because we really care about your business needs. We will listen to all details and tailor the best service solution to help your business achieve the best performance possible.

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